Increasingly businesses are beginning to understand that an active presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to connect with customers, grow the brand and add credibility. The problem that many face is understanding how to effectively manage their social media strategy in order for it to generate new followers and concequently an increase in sales. There are in fact situations where a total lack of understanding of how social media works can have a negative effect over the long term. Without the right kind of help and support from experienced professionals, a social media campaign has the potential turn into an unmitigated disaster for an online brand.

Many businesses choose to employ an in-house social media manager, often that person is essentially only employed to put up posts and respond to comments as it is not always their main role within the business. Concequently this employee can be totally unprepared to handle the daily challenges that come via social media, which includes responding to negative comments, customer complaints, creative marketing, ongoing content strategy, reputation management, reporting, link building, PR and blog posting - and this is just scraping the surface of this complex and sometimes overwhelming task. Failing to deal with all these tasks properly in a timely fashion can result in a snowball effect that sees the brand take a bit of a beating online. Outsourcing your social media strategies to a professional agency means avoiding those pitfalls and getting sound advice and support when you need it most.


Social Media agency UYR based in Yorkshire


The truth of the matter is that going with an agency is often the more affordable option than an in-house social media employee. Not only that, you get a whole lot more for your money than just someone who posts comments throughout the day - in our experience many businesses attempt to solve their social media needs by employing someone straight out of college as they 'must understand social media' - this is one of the biggest mistakes as it is easy to use social media but another to apply marketing strategies and provide a return on investment. An agency will help you put together a social media campaign that fits your company message, and which has been designed to specifically go after your target market. UYR can bring experience to the table that is totally invaluable, and which will help your business grow in the short and long term.

With an agency, you get a number of different people with a whole host of skill sets working on your campaign. An in-house social media person may be great at finding articles and other content to post to your feed, but may know little about how to handle customer complaint or queries. He or she may also not have the understanding of your brand that is required to help your business grow via social media.

Since an agency is filled with employees with a ton of social media experience, they will have access to all manner of tips and tools that you may never have thought pf on your own. They will be able to see where your business is being talked about, where you wouldn’t, which might lend them some valuable insights into what it is your target audience wants but isn’t getting. Simply put, an agency will be able to help your business grow in ways that you would quite simply never have been able to manage without their support.

Couple this expertise with modern and responsive website design and your business is in a great place to grow and overtake it's competition.