When in their infancy social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were considered just an online craze that would be over as quickly as they began.


However they are still here and stronger than ever, with Facebook being one of the highest valued companies on the planet and turning 10 years old this year you might say it looks like it is here to stay. A lot has changed from when social media sites originally came on to the scene such as the ability to interact more directly with customers talking about your brand. It has been evolving ever since and will continue to change and adapt to peoples social wants and needs, with more customers taking advantage of our social media and content marketing services.


The most noticeable trend over the past few years has been how businesses have implemented marketing strategies based on social media user’s profiles and personal data. Augmenting the effectiveness of customer service.


Businesses will become more and more prominent on Facebook and Twitter as we move forward due to the live stream of news, reviews and updates - this will mean that any business will become more dependent on using social media as an integral part of its marketing strategy. The more information companies and customers can share the more effective and targeted marketing opportunities become - referenced by how many of our customers in the late night and restaurant trade are using our online reputation management packages.


These changes to social media can already be seen taking place, and it is fair to say that this due to the progression with the types of people using the sites. As younger people began to see Facebook as a place for ‘Old People’ and choose to use mediums like Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr. This shift has inadvertently spearheaded the opportunity for brands to reach their key target demographics.

All these demographics are measurable and traceable, this makes marketing on Facebook and other social media sites seen as a viable way to get a huge return on investment. This can only increase branding and further involvement of existing or potential customers. Brands are fighting hard to capture and more improtantly engage on a regular basis with customers and potential leads - a full coverage across all the major social media platforms can only support and enhance your overall marketing activities.




A massive contributing factor that will define the future of social media is the increased use of mobile devices to connect to the internet. With a growing percentage of people devoting a large proportion of their time to viewing social media accounts on their mobiles / tablets while out and about.


Google has been the main way in which people research companies / brands but consumers are now turning to social media such as Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date reviews - the future may well be built around what Google is calling 'conversational search' where they pull information from structured data within websites and take recommendation data from your circle of friends on social media, match this with content in your local area and Google hopes to give you the very best experience and rich information. 

Google is playing catch up but by no means wants to relinquish its current market leading position, therefore it's stated aim is to know what you want before you do! What does all of this mean? Well it implies that brands not having social media presence will quickly fall behind competitors that have a marketing strategy involving social media.


Twitter as a social media platform has a 140-character limit which has been seen as negative but since social media has started to evolve it can now be perceived as a positive. This is due to consumers responding much better to visual cues. So will text become shorter and images become bigger? Well this is also mirrored in the changes to the Facebook timeline that now allows larger images, however the reach of posts with images may well still fall short of text currently - Facebook is pushing a model where advertising and boosted posts are the only real way to achieve mass reach and exposure beyond a small percentage of your brands fans - at some point this may change as users become fed up with adverts, however Facebook will adjust will be something we must wait and see.


Social media is a great way to build your brand and grow your business, but to do so, you need to keep up with the ever evolving media platform. If you would like advice on how best your business can best take advantage of online marketing please give us a call here at UYR.


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