We develop and maintain online print management / marketing toolkits for many of our multi-site national and international clients.

These are developed FREE OF ANY CHARGE and are designed specifically to assist purchasing and marketing teams, allowing them to control localised print and campaigns with minimal effort.


Online print system for bespoke request management

Customisable system:

• Approved brand template library • Editable design templates • Bespoke briefing function • Order and proof tracking • Social media campaign publishing • Tiered user capabilities • Multi-level approval processes • Budget management • Order history and re-order utility • Detailed Reports



Online POS Ordering System

Our online POS ordering system can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection.

In providing this superior local level online artwork creation facility we feel that this together with the fact that UYR make no additional design charges and reduced printing costs, can not only ensure design standards are met but that massive savings can also be made.

Bespoke briefing function



Publish your artwork to Facebook plus other social media feeds

Publish to social media feeds

Once artwork is created it can be fed automatically or scheduled to populate your social media properties.

Clients find this service particularly beneficial in saving time while also enabling custom messages to be sent. Take the grind of social media posting away and create further customer and brand engagement - seemlessly.


Tiered users and multi level approval

Every step of the creative and print cycle is fully managed through the UYR online print system - set up as many levels of approval as your organisation requires - reporting functionality traces the workflow from initial order through to delivery. 

Online proof reading and multi level approval


Artwork Creation

For local level marketing UYR upload pre-agreed base artwork templates for managers to choose from. These are built up by working with the marketing team to create a library of suitable artwork for a number of themes that should facilitate most day-to-day requests. Our team also upload any existing artwork that you’ve had commissioned in the past. All that is required is the print ready editable files from your previous agency. The artwork area gives the user the ability to input and edit their own text, logos and supporting images. It also allows them to click and drag each of the items in real time on the artwork with total freedom. All text can be spell checked and adjusted with the built in dictionary. Key features: • Add multiple text fields with the ability to change font, size, colour and alignment. • Add logos/images from a existing database. • Upload your own logos/images for use on the artwork and also save for future use. • Scale logos/images. • Click and drag items into position live on the artwork. • Large artworking area. • Spell check. The artworking section is flexible depending on your requirements. Specific fonts can be chosen, colours can be limited and the positioning of items can be fixed if particular pieces of artwork require it.


Bespoke Orders

The bespoke orders section is intended to be used by the marketing team to brief in all new projects. It can also be used by managers on a local level to request artwork for any promotions where none of the exist templates are suitable. The Bespoke area is where all communication between the user and the studio will take place. All requests can be found under the relevant status tab. New requests can be made by simply clicking the ‘New Request’ button and filling out the request form. Attachments can also be added to each request with further information for the brief, images and other relevant files. Notifications of changes to the request will be sent via email. These maybe for status change, designer assignment, proofs uploaded, comments and other activity.


Approval Process

Once the order has been completed by a local level user, email notifications are sent out requesting approval from the Marketing Team or Area Mangers. Different level users can be set depending on what is required and who needs to approve which element of the order. For example, Marketing may wish to approve the artwork and the Area Manager or Finance may need to approve costs before the order is printed. Bespoke requests may also need some level of authorisation before they are started in the studio. This can help the marketing department filter out any requests that they feel are not suitable or make suggestions on how they could be amended to be more effective. The completed artwork would then also require approval during the standard approval stage after checkout. This ensures that what was approved as a request has actually been achieved in the final product.


Print & Production

Once all approvals have been received email notifications are sent and the hi-resolution print ready artwork can be downloaded by our production team. UYR then print and deliver all standard printed items within 72 hours.


Save Artwork

The ‘Click to Save Progress’ button is visible in the artworking area. The user can either use this feature to save artwork that they intend to go back to and finish at a later date, or, to save artwork that they feel would be useful to be able to access quickly in future (for example, pieces such as those that are regularly ordered but with slight amendments to the content). Once the pieces of artwork have been saved and given a name they can be managed and accessed through the ‘My Account’ section.


Order History

The order history section can be found in the ‘My Account’ section. The history can be searched in a number of ways; Via order number, date range or in it’s entirety by leaving everything blank and clicking ‘Search’. The results of the search are colour coded with the status of each job and gives details on the order ID number, the date ordered and the cost. To view further details, the order ID number can be clicked to open up the full order. Here the user can see a breakdown of costs and other information relating to the order. Visuals of the order can be viewed by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page. If a re-order is required, this can be made by clicking the green arrows under each item. This will then take the user through to the artwork editing area where any amendments can be made or they can simply move straight to the next step to complete the order.


Proofing, Amendments & Version Tracking

All proofing and amendment requests are done through the bespoke area. Proofs are uploaded and can be seen as a thumbnail and can also be clicked to enlarge so that smaller text can be proofed efficiently. Notes can be added on the same page by either the designer or the user. These are displayed in an iphone chat style. The bespoke area logs all uploads and changes. When happy with the final proof the artwork can be signed off on the same page.


Completing Orders

Orders created using the template library: After the user has finished editing a chosen template and clicked ‘Finish’ they will be presented with several buyout options. Once completed and ‘add to basket’ is clicked they can then go back and repeat the process as many times as needed for any other items that may be required. Once all required items have been ordered they can then go to the basket and check out all the items. Items can also be edited, saved or deleted at this point. Comments can also be added if there are specific instructions regarding a particular item. When happy, the order can be completed. Bespoke orders requested at a local level: Artwork that has been produced via the bespoke area will be uploaded into the user’s templates library once it has been signed off. These pieces can only be seen by the user who has requested it. It can then be ordered and checked out in the same way as standard templated orders. Marketing requests and national promotions: Requests form the marketing team through the bespoke area can be dealt with in several ways, depending on what’s required. Force drop print runs can be ordered without using the system and will be quoted individually. Other promotions which have been designed so they can then be ordered on a local level can be uploaded into the templates areas and given their own category. They can then be ordered in the normal way by the local managers.