SEO Strategy and Consulting

Analysis of your website is crucial


UYR can help by analyzing your existing website for SEO criteria.

This will enable you to obtain transparency with regard to the effectiveness of your SEO measures. We´ll review all relevant on-page as well as off-page factors, perform a status evaluation and give recommendations for actions.

SEO strategy and consulting - what are your goals


Strategic search engine optimization (SEO) can be a long-term process.

To achieve success UYR put in place a structure and process documented in a detailed action plan.

Working closely with you we will define the required steps to place your website at the top of Google.

On and off page optimisation measures


Our SEO consultants will strategicly plan linking from social, web, forums and directories.

Good quality content marketing and social search optimisation are put in place forming the basis for on and off page optimisation. The team at UYR constantly target good quality links and provide the opportunity for users to share links to your website.


Stand out from your competition with universal search


Search engine traffic is becoming more and more expensive. Top positions in the natural listings are difficult to achieve, so when your business does feature highly UYR can make sure you achieve a competitive advantage.

Designing your listings to attract maximum attention UYR secure valuable internet real estate through use of Google Webmaster tools such as Rich Snippets.

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Make sure your landing pages are up to the job

Targeted landing pages

Using targeted analysis coupled with landing page optimisation increases conversion and provides great ROI data!

To obtain the best possible results for our customers, UYR doesn't just look at the performance indicator driven generation of relevant traffic but also at optimising the conversion of traffic on individual targeted landing pages.

On and off page optimisation measures


Google and other search engines now take notice of reviews, recommendations, comparisons and opinions in their ranking metrics for a website.

This means that social media is becoming increasingly relevant for SEO and business.

UYR can show you how to use social media and to consequently improve your web traffic through better ranking while also engaging with your customers.