The word 'Design Agency' normally sends shivers down the spine of many Marketing or Company Directors, as it tends to mean big bills!  At UYR we're different. We see the bigger picture and have worked with many of our clients for years. It's not about dragging our heels while watching the meter clock up. We realise that our clients need cutting edge design and they need it yesterday. By offering a complete service, we're able to quote a fixed price from the start. This includes all design, amends and print, no matter how long it takes. No hidden cost and no short cuts.

We have one of the largest design teams in the North and are able to pull from an extensive array of styles and skills which allows us to meet our clients briefs efficiently and creatively. Having over 16 years of experience in all aspects of graphic design translates to being able to supply unique, innovative ideas for all our clients.



Highly creative and exciting marketing materials are all well and good without a plan behind it, chances are they will fail.

Marketing planning is a major part of the creative process, and one that can also be overlooked. Here at UYR we take pride in working closely with our clients to help develop their marketing plans.

Marketing, strategy and brand positioning UYR


Here at UYR we have highly creative marketing strategies to help your business grow


Marketing Strategy is all about two central elements – identifying your target market and developing a differential advantage. We appreciate that Marketing operates in many modern organisations as a process rather than as a functional specialisation. Strategic decision makers within all businesses need to be able to respond to turbulent and ambiguous environments. We can help you put in place a Marketing Strategy that will ensure your marketing activities are both flexible and dynamic, and can react to market forces.


Who are your customers? Who should they be? Do you even know? Or, more importantly, do you care? Positioning is concerned with how customers in different parts of the market perceive competing companies, products, services or brands. Our marketing experts will help you achieve a genuine picture of your current positioning in the market and, if it’s not where you should be, UYR will help you get there.