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Connect all your social feeds into one brilliant and engaging display. UYR can enable content to be pulled based on hashtags, pages, accounts integrated from Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Google+ | RSS | Vines - all fed to one TV, display or web page.

Lack of engagement leads to missed opportunities for increased sales and valuable customer feedback.

Social Media aggregation feeds



Create a social media feed for your brand, business or product

Creating a social feed

Create a social feed for your brand, business, product, Facebook page, website and much more. Place your hashtag / username / or keyword from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, RSS, Google+ Linkedin, Vine or Tumblr into your custom social feed. Whenever a user makes a status update on one of these social networks, it will automatically display on your in your website or anywhere else you can embed our code. This is also the perfect solution for contests and promotions. Simply run your photo or video contest via a hashtag in less than 5 minutes! What other platform can offer that?


Content Management

Manage all of your social feeds through our custom backend portal. Create new social campaigns, add your social networks, manually approve content or let it feed automatically, block users, block profanities or other keywords, & highlight specific content by pinning it to the top of the feed.

Stylize your feed using one of 15 custom templates with custom backgrounds, fonts, and colours. Place a custom image of your campaign for any post that does not include an image.

Manage custom feeds through our dashboard


Event Marketing

Aggregate and display content from a specific location. Enter the coordinates of your event with latitude and longitude setting within a specific distance. For instance, let's say you would like to display content about your brand at Leeds Arena in West Yorkshire on a monitor / TV to engage users who stop by. Simply geo-fence your campaign with our settings & index all the social posts in the area about #YourCampaign.

Market a specific event and aggregate the data



Embed your custom social feed into your website

Embedding a social feed

Embedding your custom social feed can be done in less than 5 minutes! Simply choose your platform and we will provide you an embed code for placement. Place your embed code in HTML, on Wordpress, WIX, Tumblr, Facebook Page, Weebly, Blogger, Squarespace or choose to white label. Our white labelling solution is the perfect option to create social feeds for your client(s) to resale. Need your feed to be mobile ready? No problem! Our embed codes are responsive and ready for any mobile device.


Analyse Data

Real time metrics dashboard. Determine key metrics and the impact of your / your clients social campaign. Analyse your total reach, approved posts, unapproved posts, total aggregated posts, influential contributors, activity time, and engagement.

Determine your total visitors, shares, clickthroughs, & scrolldowns for a clear picture of your campaign.

Find out far more details about your social followers


Event Feeds - Examples

Some of the events using our feed technology

Outdoor or indoor events benefit from creating customer interaction through social media

In venue feed examples of social media aggregation

Used inside restaurants, conferences, sports arenas, bars - anywhere social media can engage and empower your customer audience


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